Eilat high speed rail line gets green line

Thursday, 14 Feb 2013 12:26
Eilat high speed rail line gets green line

ISRAEL: Southern Regional Committee adopted the proposal of the Minister of Transport, Road Safety and National Infrastructure Israel Katz to build 240 km high-speed rail line that would connect Tel Aviv to Eilat, via Be’er Sheva.

The two track multi-use line will include five passenger stations.

The new railway line is part of a plan to make Eilat into a metropolitan area with a population of 150,000 through business, commercial and real estate development.

The plan includes an investment of $3.5 billion by the private sector to set up an international transport, logistics and trade center. As part of the plan a new international airport will be built at Timna that will be connected to the Tel Aviv – Eilat high speed rail line.  

The next step before tenders can be issued for building the line is approval from the national planning committee, which will be challenged by environmentalists.

The Israel Nature and Parks Authority says the plan to build a railway line to Eilat will be unprofitable economically and cause billions of shekels of damage to the national economy.


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